Innovators in hardy nursery stock


Acer rubrum REDPOINTE® (‘Frank Jr.’PBR)

  • Uniform oval crown with a central leader.
  • Vigorous to 10 meters.
  • No chlorosis when planted in alkaline soil.
  • Fiery red foliage for several weeks in autumn.
  • Securly anchoring roots.
  • Highly resistant to pests and diseases.
  • Heat tolerant.
  • Suitable for large scale planting in streets or avenues; also as a specimen.

Malus hupehensis ‘Arie Mauritz’®

  • Strong growing small tree with an upright habit.
  • Height to about 7 m.
  • Flower buds light pink, opening pink-white.
  • Red crabs.
  • Healthy, not susceptible to scab or powdery mildew.
  • Highest rated crab apple in street tree research, by Applied Plant Research, (Wageningen University)

Pterocarya rhoifolia KYOTO CONVENTION® (‘Bokravention’PBR)

  • Medium to large tree with a pyramidal crown.
  • Height to about 15 m.
  • Healthy green leaves, producing a large foliage area of CO2 absorbtion.
  • Large foliage area for effective transpiration cooling, in urban areas.
  • Very winter hardy.
  • Suitable as a street tree in residential and industrial areas.

Prunus laurocerasus GREEN DISCOVERY® (‘Bokraschalk’PBR)

  • Vigorous Cherry Laurel with an upright plant shape
  • Height to about 5 m
  • Evergreen, healthy and glossy dark green foliage.
  • Cream-white flowers in upright racemes in spring.
  • Very winter hardy.
  • Use as an evergreen tree or tall hedge.